River East Youth

Welcome to River East's Youth Ministry!

My name is Aaron Thiessen, and I'm the Pastor for Youth and Young Adults here at River East Church (REC). Part of my role is to give oversight and direction for River East's Youth Ministry, which is currently structured as a tree with three major branches. Those branches are:

Friday nights

Events that typically take place on the first and third Friday evenings of the month. These are events open to anyone grades 6-12, and usually consist of some kind of focused activity (going to Activate, playing Gargon, organizing a Reverse Talent Show, etc.), breaking for snack, and then concluding with a spiritual conversation and prayer.

Dungeons and Dragons (D&D)

Events that typically take place on the second and fourth Friday evenings of the month. Participants grades 6-12 must signal their interest ahead of time, and are assigned tables at the beginning of the year to play through an ongoing D&D campaign. If none of that makes sense yet, don't worry!  You can read more about how we do D&D here.

SM2 (Sunday Morning Student Ministry)

River East's version of 'Sunday School,' again open for anyone grades 6-12. After the worship service on Sunday morning, we gather in the youth room to catch up and intentionally explore Christian stories, ideas, questions, and practices.

Overall, our youth ministry strives toward the following goals:

Support students in the activities they are involved in throughout the week;

Offer a narrative lens for students to see how God is already at work in their lives, through those activities and beyond;

Give opportunities for us to switch to a mode of simply 'being,' with God and with each other.

If that sounds a bit cryptic, fair enough! You can read more about our philosophy of youth ministry here.

Any questions? Feel free to send me an email at aaron@rivereastchurch.ca

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