We are constantly offering new small group opportunities. Here are the groups that are currently running; contact Mary Anne, mary.anne@rivereastchurch.ca if you would like to get involved!


Journey Groups create the context to share our stories and cultivate our attention to God at work in our lives and in the lives of others. In this safe environment we learn to listen, to encourage and to accompany each other with deep respect and connection. Each of the 3 Journey Groups meets as many times in a year as there are members of the group. Oversight is provided by Jocelyn Kuhl.


A group oriented toward young adults, where we eat and drink together, discussing how we might live out faith in a post-modern world. Conversations are guided for a season by a thinker with an unorthodox view of faith — sometimes literally. Currently the group is tackling Richard Rohr’s “7 Practices of Alternative Orthodoxy”

Book Study

Several times throughout the year a group gathers for one or more evenings to discuss a book they have all read. For more information contact Mary Anne Isaak.

The Word

In the busyness of every-day life, it can sometimes be hard to find time to rest. The Word, facilitated by Aaron Thiessen and Julie Doerksen, is a small gathering of less than an hour the third Tuesday of the month, designed to let us be still and know that God is God. Join us in beginner-friendly contemplative practices; there is no obligation to speak, discuss, or be an expert... rather, we simply aim to be in the presence of the Divine.


Prayer Group

This group meets weekly to pray for the requests shared in the worship service and to pray through the names in the church phone book.

Word ‘N’ Deed

This group facilitated by Keith Poysti meets monthly as a group of men who open their homes and lives for discussion of issues relevant to faith. They also pursue opportunities to serve together in places of need.

Prayer Shawl

This ministry of encouragement, facilitated by Myrna Pohl, gathers monthly to knit/crochet shawls, which are then gifted to those who are experiencing illness, loss, or difficult times. Shawls are intended to console, comfort, and bring hope to the recipients. Knitters pray for the recipient while creating the shawl. The shawls are then prayed over and “blessed” by the entire group before sending them on their way. All skill levels welcome. Contact the church office for more information.

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