January 15, 2023 – February 19, 2023

The Great Inversions

Copernicus, Darwin, Einstein, and others… the scientific world has undergone many paradigm shifts over the years. Be it understanding our place in the universe, the growth of our species, or phenomena at the limits of human understanding, it has often taken a total inversion of our perspective in order to see the world more clearly.

Does faith ever follow a similar pattern? When and why can we turn faith on its head?

This Epiphany season we will explore some of the ‘Great Inversions’ of the faith in Scripture—paradigm shifts that were disruptive and unintuitive, but led early believers into a deeper view of Christ and discipleship. Through this lens we will ask ourselves today: Might we be living with some ‘Newtonian’ Christian assumptions, when God is calling us to something much stranger and more wonderful?