August 28, 2022 – September 11, 2022

Season of Creation, 2022

In the three weeks where we worship outside, celebrating the beauty and messiness of the world around us, less distracted by objects of our own making, we hope to reorient our understanding of our place as creatures in God’s world, specially called to tend and keep all that God has made. How
attuned are our ears to hearing the cries of those who are most affected by climate change? How ready are we to change our hearts and lives so that the resilient earth and all its creatures can begin to heal?

When our bodies become sick, we are forced to slow down and pay attention, to pause so that we can diagnose what’s wrong and try to heal. Creation is crying out now that the earth is sick. We need desperately to pause, to listen deeply and take steps
toward healing of both ourselves and our fellow creatures—of the Earth that is our home. We need to learn to live within the paradox of a world that is sick and a world that still shines with God’s beauty.