January 6, 2019 – February 4, 2023

Romans: God's Unlikely Dream for a Polarized World

What comes to mind when you think of the book of Romans?

Do you imagine theologians arguing about ‘justification?’ The ‘Romans Road’ to salvation? Those one or two verses that “all have sinned” or you should “renew your minds?” Or maybe this book is simply Greek to you — unfamiliar, and let’s face it, a bit unfriendly.

If that’s you, fair enough! Romans is one of the most difficult and debated books of the Bible, with seemingly as many interpretations as there are verses.

But underneath it all, Paul is trying to draw readers into a story — a story that calls two completely different people groups into life together. Paul is convinced that in Jesus, God is triumphing over the cosmic forces of evil in our world, and in doing so is bringing together Jews and non-Jews alike into this new world — a radical dream!

Though the deep divides we experience today are different than in Paul’s this passionate, reasoned, and profoundly theological book may have more relevance than ever.

This Epiphany, we at River East Church read Romans together to inspire us to be proactive, incorporating others into God’s dream that already unfolding here and now.