January 10, 2021 – February 14, 2021

ReVerb: The Moving Music of the Triune God

“It’s like an egg! It’s like water! It’s like a 5 dimension object intersecting with 4 dimensional space!”

It’s the Trinity, and it’s a baffling conundrum. How can One also be Three? How can Three only be One? The idea of a Triune God subverts the foundations of our logic — an almost embarrassing math problem for which there is no solution.

As such, we tend to relegate the Trinity to the corner, and understandably so. Let’s be honest — if the Church were to drop the Doctrine of the Trinity tomorrow, what would practically change for our shared faith? For many of us… not very much.

This Epiphany, as we celebrate Resurrection and God’s New Creation, we will take a close look at the mystery of the Trinity. Rather than a problem to be solved, we will use the image of the Trinity as a porthole to peer through; a divine community we always already relate to. Rather than something to be explained, the Triune God is something to be experienced. As we grapple with the mystery of the Father, Son, and Spirit — the Three in One — we may find that the Triune community of God is one of Christianity’s greatest gifts for the world today.