April 9, 2023 – May 21, 2023

Her Gates Will Never Be Shut

Our stories shape us, giving our lives meaning and context, creating the lens by which we see the world. In many ways, the Christian journey is the ongoing work of adopting the story of God’s creating, redeeming, and sustaining of the cosmos, as our own.

How we tell God’s story matters. Especially where it is headed.

For the majority of Christians today, the story of God is headed to a stark divide. In this version, at the end of time, some people will enter into paradise with Jesus forever. All others, however, for whatever reason, will experience the fires of hell. The sheep and the goats. And you definitely don’t want to be a goat.

Is this the most faithful way to finish God’s story? Pew Research says that 82% of Evangelicals answer, “yes.” But there is a minority view, one that proclaims the Gospel message that Christ’s Love ultimately reconciles all people to God—a universal salvation.

This Easter, as we celebrate Christ’s resurrection, we will also be fleshing out the perspective of universal salvation. Together we will imagine how the Christian story can confidently declare that God’s love embraces all creation, God’s justice is never retributive, and Christ’s victory in the cross includes all people.