July 3, 2022 – August 21, 2022

Guiding Stars for Spiritual Borderlands

Borderlands, it’s a term we’ve recently been tossing around a lot at REC. Borderland can mean at the edge or far from the center. Alternatively, Borderland can mean the boundary space between two distinct entities. Then again, Borderland can mean unexplored frontiers.

As REC approaches the 60th year of our congregational
story, we’re conscious that we are once again journeying the borderlands.

  • Our inclusivity statement shares our goal of reaching
    toward the margins, inviting those who have formerly not been welcomed among us.
  • Our posture of patience within the wider confessional
    family means holding together distinct interpretations of God’s dreams for the world.
  • Our conviction is that God is guiding us, not by a precise theological GPS system, nor by a mysteriously-mobile pillar of fire, but by guiding stars, fixed points in the sphere of God’s grand story from which we are orienting next steps.

This summer, conscious that REC is in
borderlands, this preaching series gazes starward
at biblical borderland stories. Exploring the energy of liminality we pay attention to God’s patterns of guidance in the borderlands and identity formation in the wilderness.