February 6, 2022 – February 27, 2022

In the Belly of a Beast: A Dive into the Book of Jonah

Cancelled vacations. Hospital stays. COVID symptoms. Winter blues.

These days, it seems there are plenty of opportunities
for us to feel as though we have been ‘swallowed
whole,’ or living in the ‘belly of the beast.’ Of course, this
is nothing new. Descent into darkness is an all-toocommon part of the human experience.
Thousands of years ago, the story of the prophet Jonah
was told and retold as a way to grapple with these
experiences of darkness, yes… but also of vocation,
truth-telling, justice, and wrestling with God. For four
weeks we will dive into this well-known narrative,
opening ourselves to where God may be speaking anew
through these ancient words.