April 1, 2018 – May 13, 2018

Acts of the Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit has been described in many ways:
An energetic fire that can roar or flicker, but never be held;
A breath, as close to us as our lungs, so intimate we forget it is there;
As wind, knowing no bounds and found in all places;
A womb, the place where we are born again.

The book of Acts has many characters, but none so central as the Spirit of God. In some ways this book is a new Genesis — the story of the God creating a new world and new people in the wake of Christ’s resurrection. Sometimes the Spirit moves in exciting ways… often the Spirit moves in ways we find challenging.

This Eastertide, we will be walking through the book of Acts, looking for the ways the Holy Spirit shaped, spurred, and stimulated the early church into new ways of seeing and new ways of living. They practiced reconciliation, shared resources, and took care of their community through weekly remembering of Jesus’ death and resurrection. We will do the same by meeting at the Lord’s Table each Sunday throughout the Easter season.