The Story of the Windows

The stained glass windows that you see in the sanctuary began with a legacy gift from Heidi Koop. It was her dream to enhance worship with visual arts. Rachel Baerg and Danielle Fontaine Koslowsky designed and coordinated the creation of one hundred stained glass windows. Two teams of volunteers devoted two evenings a week for 18 months to the project. The windows were dedicated April, 2014. (Prairie Stained Glass and Palliser Furniture made invaluable contributions.)

The windows reflect biblical themes of “God is Light,” “God is with us.” The images move from creation to celebration of community. Progressing from darkness to light, God’s story is revealed in sunlit colour and subtle stylized images, reminding us that God our creator is indeed the Light of the world. The sun is prominent in each column. You will find cross shapes in most of the windows and symbols of water and fruit, spirit, trinity, and a dove of peace.

These windows were a labour of love and learning. Our work together in the creation of this art, with gradually increasing skill, taught us both mystery and trust. As we worked, laboriously at times, we gained a greater understanding of how art connects us with parts of ourselves that are close to worship—how the Creator reaches out to celebrate beauty with us.

We hope these images and reflections will allow you to bask for a moment in God’s light.

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