Pathfinders and Trailblazers

Every Sunday, children of all ages gather from 11:20-12:10 for games, crafts, stories and prayer. Sometimes kids are involved in large-scale art or service projects. Whatever is going on, our goal is to engage the heart, body, mind and soul in our encounter with God and each other.

Children ages 3 to Grade 1 are invited to join the ‘Pathfinders’ group, while children grades 2 to 6 are invited to join ‘Trailblazers.’ This fall we will use a curriculum called “Shine” for grades 2-6. You can learn more about this at

Children's Safety

Our children’s wellbeing is of the utmost importance and we believe that everyone in our church community takes part in creating an environment of safety. The value of each person is honored. All leaders and helpers who connect with our children, youth and vulnerable people are, interviewed, trained and fully police-checked according to the plans and procedures of the church safety policy.

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